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If you are going to advertise your business, your service or anything else through pay per click Google Adwords our Adwords specialist of YesWeb you can definitely help in creating a professional campaign and profitable.

The adwords specialist of YesWeb are perfectly aware that the choice of the ads, just like the choice of keywords, is a key aspect for the success of a good Adwords campaign. It ‘important that your ad is chosen from among the other ads and word choice plays a fundamental role in the hit potential customer.

The operations to be done to manage a campaign in a professional manner are a few really important to be entrusted to a professional.

  • Targeted research and market analysis;
  • Location;
  • Choice of suitable keywords;
  • Create text ads and display;
  • Defining daily budget;

Request a consultation with our professionals: after a thorough study of your business, will explain the logic of advertising on line and will indicate the most appropriate keywords to build your ad.

Our team will work for the duration of your campaign to maximize your investment, ensuring as many clicks as possible at the best price available.

Google Analytics

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The adwords specialist mustalso set the counters, such as Google Analytics and especially conversion tracking. Google Analytics is a Google service that allows you to analyze the detailed statistics about visitors to a website. The site is primarily aimed at internet marketing and webmaster.

On the site you can monitor:

  • Visitors from all sources, whether they are search engines or sites referer paid campaigns,
  • The Display Advertising,
  • Networks of Pay per click and email marketing
  • Links through PDF documents.

Integrated with AdWords, analyze online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals). Using Google Analytics, YesWeb is able to determine which ads are performing, providing information to optimize campaigns or cut costs.