VoiP Advantages

  • Wiring: by converging IP network it is possible to use a single cable for telephone and data. E ‘can also take advantage connections wi-fi also to extend the telephone network with obvious savings on the cost of the infrastructure.
  • Equipment: the same price an IP PBX offers much higher performance than a traditional PBX.
  • Fees: Thanks to VoIP you can use the network to optimize DATA telephone lines getting savings on fees that can reach over 30%
  • Traffic: With VoIP, it can route more easily and transparently the different types of traffic differentiating for national fixed lines, mobile inter-company and international with savings of up to 40% compared to conventional rates.
  • Virtual place: thanks to VoIP one can remotely control the work place or the attendant improving efficiency.
  • Messaging evolved: VoIP solutions allow you to implement advanced messaging services, voice mailboxes, webfax, softphone, etc.
  • Integration: The plug of the telephone system in the digital environment allows the realization of integration with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc.), giving rise to innovative applications:
    sales force automation;
    contact center (help desk, telemarketing, etc.).