Setup, Customization, Monitoring and Assistance


Our architecture

La nostra architettura - Copia - Copia

The architecture of our system VoIP business phone is not very different from the traditional one in which we are usually accustomed, in fact we can count:

  • Network (LAN);
  • IP terminals (phone, PC);
  • +Gateway PSTN, GSM, VoIP;


Thanks to ‘use of special software it is possible to determine in advance the real needs of a’ company to allocate resources thereby avoiding unnecessary and useless with obvious savings in fees and transport.
Will be dimensioned lines (PSTN, GSM, VOIP) according to the real traffic that a company has statistically in the respective directions
The operator, however, will never blocker
Each company, depending on the type of use of the phone will have a dedicated sizing
Since the client software voip our property there is the possibility to adapt and customize

Monitoring and assistance


Thanks to an efficient system of monitoring of all systems involved, we can monitor in real time the situation of a client, not only timely interventions and remotely in most hardware problems, but also preventing any failure of the customer.
In the case of updates of the equipment (not only of our switchboard, but also phones and other devices involved) we can intervene without interrupting daily activities and especially without causing unpleasant disruptions.
All at a cost no comparison!