Business Solutions


Solutions for your business specifically, with reduced investment by using a single cabling, the use of virtual stations, the remote users, and the ability to have a multi-site: voice communication between your seats It takes place in a secure manner and at no cost.

Our solutions business VoIP improve customer relations and increase productivity of your business.



Reducing operating costs
Telephone traffic
Reduced investment
A universal cabling
Single point of contact service
More services and functions
Advanced messaging
Integration services business

Remote users  and so on

The integration of the telephone network with the data brings incredible benefits to a small or medium enterprise. With our systems you can assign a phone number or a specific extension for each phone line, or having a shared line between multiple phones. This solution allows you to easily incorporate new features that add value to your business.

Ease in the movements: fast and easy installation
The voice as an application: the server can be centralized in the data center, less technical personnel outside, less complexity, lower maintenance costs
Scalability: modular solution adding new locations and adding extensions at an existing site
Economy management: architectural homogeneity and choice of components, software remotized interventions.
Continuity of service: reduction and protection of the critical points of the system