Video Advertising 

Programmatic Advertising

The term Programmatic Advertising includes a number of technologies that automate the acquisition, placement and optimization of advertising media, replacing methods based on human. In this process, companies and partners use automated systems and business rules to display targeted ads.

The programmatic advertising is a fast growing phenomenon in the field of advertising and global media.
The interactive media division of YesWeb started long ago to study automation systems average. He studied and developed altimissimi standard to ensure satisfaction and success in the customers who decide to trust us.

We work by providing a platform connected to ad exchanges and also offer management services.

From the point of view of business, YesWeb has a clear view on the effectiveness of the pannel, both of publishers, media is used for metrics such as revenue, profit, customer loyalty and sales volume as well as a holistic approach, assigning value correct on all parties in the pannel purchase (from last click search and over).


 Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding is a technology of online advertising particularly suitable for companies in the automotive, holiday, gambling, real estate and for all those in which the high degree of competition leads to adopt integrated strategies for online promotion can differentiate accurately the their visibility on the web.

After a careful analysis of your target, its habits and navigation through the use of a proprietary platform and other DSP (Demand Site Platform), the staff of YesWeb is able to plan campaigns display in Real Time Bidding and effective optimized on real user behavior on the web.

In particular, thanks to the use of data from third parties, it is possible to further segment the audience, thus generating even more qualified traffic to your website.