Consulting and  IT Services

Today’s next-gen service providers maintain a complex set of products & services in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing market.

IT Consulting Services from YesWeb help businesses increase innovation, accelerate productivity, minimize costs and optimize resource utilization. Our value proposition is based on a concourse of business understanding, comprehensive technological skills and a pinpointed approach through the use of in-house practices, frameworks and tools.

We help you to assess your present IT situation, offering expert insight and vigorous suggestions that reinforce your decision-making, together with your business and technology strategies.

We operate in:

  • Information Management
    • Increase backup success rates
    • Minimize recovery time
    • Reduce operating and storage costs
    • Simplify virtual machine protection
    • Archive and manage structured and unstructured data
  • SecurityApplicazioni
    • Minimize known implementation risks
    • Increase protection against security threats
    • Identify assets at risk and prioritize incident response
  • Storage and Availability
    • Optimize storage and server resources
    • Maximize storage utilization across heterogeneous platforms
    • Reduce data loss and downtime
    • Improve existing policies, processes and storage management

IT Consulting Services at YesWeb: We offer a complete range of IT enabled services, including Project Governance Design & Analysis, Application Development, Web Based Solutions, Networking Solutions, Enterprise Solutions and Business Intelligence. Our services include:

  • Project Governance Design & Analysis
    • Management consulting
    • Business analysis
    • Data analysis and Database design
    • Technical writing and documentation
    • Project outsourcing
  • Web-based Solutions
    • Security analysis
    • System-sizing
    • Internet application selection
    • Web page design and development
    • Quality analysis and coordination
    • Implementation of projects
  • Networking Solutions
    • Network Planning and Design & Implementation
    • Project Management
    • Systems Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    • Analyzing Networks and Assessment of IT requirements
    • Planning, Implementation, and Migration of technologies
  • Enterprise Solutions
    • Data warehousing and analysis
    • Database design, administration & maintenance
    • Software quality assurance and testing
    • Content management
    • Database administration & maintenance
    • Software installation and implementation
    • Operating systems support